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State Flag

 "The Last Frontier"
Motto: North to the Future

"Nice glaciers, friendly hitchhikers, polite moose." -Frank

Sign at State Line

Alaska Pipeline - Not really a city or a place, but it didn't fit in anywhere else.  (Jul '02)

Anchorage - The largest city, but not the state capital.  One of the few places we saw in Alaska that has buildings more than four stories tall. (Jul '02)

Dawes Glacier - Perched along the Canadian border and along the Endicott Arm of the Inland Passage is this big hunk of ice. (May '12)

Delta Junction - Not much here beyond a visitors center, a dozen or so shops, and the end of the Alaska Highway.  (Jul '02)

Denali National Park - Denali wasn't on the map, but the promises of wildlife sightings was quite intriguing.  (Jul '02)

Fairbanks - Alaska's second-largest city, after Anchorage.  And the population stands at 31,000.  (Jul '02)

Fox - Alaska's.. well, teeny town at 300 people. But it is on the map, so I stopped by. (Mar. '04)

Glaciers - Just a random assortment of glacier pictures that didn't fit in anywhere else.  (Jul '02)

Glennallen - Population 500, a very rustic hotel annex, and a Chevron station (yea!). (Jul '02)

Homer - A nice little place out in the middle of nowhere, but nothing like the television character.  (Jul '02)

Ketchikan - The southern-most Alaskan city of any substance, though quite remotely situated as things go. (May '12)

Juneau - The only state capital in our nation not accessible by car (at least, not at all conveniently). (May '12)

North Pole - Nope, didn't meet jolly ol' St. Nick, or any of those classic little rein-dudes.  (Jul '02)

Seward - Unlike Valdez, this small town was just cute.  It even had an aquarium, and as one bird of a feather to see another, well, that's just nice.   (Jul '02)

Skagway - Population is under 1,000, until a cruise ship arrives, then it triples, or more. Wooden sidewalks -- fantastic! (May '12)

Soldotna - Despite our best efforts, there wasn't much to see here.  But we were there all the same.  (Jul '02)

Valdez - I don't know what I expected, but whatever it was, I didn't find it.  After buying some snacks, and struggling for a gas station, we were out of there.  (Jul '02)

Wasilla - The home of the Iditarod, the Iron Dog, and some other stuff.  (Jul '02)

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