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At 31,000 people, it's Alaska's largest city, a home to a state university, and has no fewer than three Pizza Huts.  It's a switched-on up-and-coming city, it is.  Fairbanks also represents the closest we would be to the Artic Circle on this trip, coming within 120 miles or so of that landmark.

We're arrived at the northern- most point in our trip.  Hurrah! The view from UAF Fairbanks; the only blight were the arches of McDonalds, downtown. I have no idea what this building is, but the antennas and stuff are way cool looking.
Much like a Hollywood movie, this town can claim a river runs though it.  (It's the Chena River.) Yes, we took a picture with a sign about the Alaska Railroad... the boy and his trains (sigh). I must also compliment the hotel in their excellent taste in art bolted down in the rooms.

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