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The city that shares the name with the ill-fated Exxon oil tanker that spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil in the pristine Prince William Sound in 1989.  The city that is the end of the famed Alaska Pipeline.  The city that wasn't interesting enough to compel me to stay the night, despite plans to do so.  Valdez.

The best part of the sign is the 'convention center'.  Who would come here just to convene? Granted, the views from the Valdez harbor were nice and all... ... and again, further from the water's edge. 
The police department was fairly up-to-date in vehicles and such things... ... but the same could not be said about the fire department, I'm afraid. It also seemed that it was a must to have a snow blower, snow blower, or tractor of your own.

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