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Junea, Alaska

While not the only state not served by an interstate highway, Juneau is the only state capital not served by ANY roadway. Grab a boat or a plane if you want to visit the capital city of the 49th State... or be happy to peruse photos of the place online. (Might I recommend some of mine for openers?)

Juneau, Alaska Juneau, Alaska Juneau, Alaska
The state capital, still here despite periodic debate to relocate the capital elsewhere in the state. The first glance of things look, well, a bit too touristy, don't you think? I kept waddling along. "Church row," nestled into the one hill, with several demoninations all perched along the same street.
Juneau, Alaska Juneau, Alaska Juneau, Alaska
Perhaps more iconic than others, but away from the tourist area things start to look more normal. (Cloud cover aside, of course; that's not really prone to just one neighborhood.) The economy has hit everywhere hard; Univerity of Alaska's Budget Office has a for sale sign on it.
Juneau, Alaska Juneau, Alaska Juneau, Alaska
I have *no* idea, but can marvel at the time it took to do it (and they were several poles like this). Apparently there are odd ducks everywhere, both afoot and seated on rear windows of mom's car. Just a cute window, though you'd probably need the bigger picture -- literally -- to appreciate the details.

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