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Wasilla is one of those towns that was, more or less, in the way.  I was between Anchorage and Fairbanks, by way of Highway 3 and later to pass through Denali National Park.  I stopped because it seemed like why were doing these trips, to see things, even if the things prove to be of little interest to me.  (The boy is quirky that way, the whole "chance-of-a-lifetime" thing... my thinking is, if it's worth seeing, I'll come back when I know there was something worth seeing... anyway.)

The best part of the sign is the 'convention center'.  Who would come here just to convene? I would bet that this lake within Wasilla is lovely in the summer -- or when it's not pouring rain. So yes, we were there.  Did we get out?  No.  It was raining, hard.  And, I didn't care that much; sorry.

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