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FrankPal is dedicated to all of those who think of me as a friend, a bud, a winged companion in the journey of life... pals. 

Wanna be one of the FrankPal?  Simply fill out the form, and we'll work out the details.

In exchange for you keeping your FrankPal souvenir, you can have your picture with me posted here, along with anything you'd like to say about yourself (name, age, where you're from, shouts to your peeps and pals, whatever). And yes, the Marketing & Promotions folks have FINALLY come up with what you get when you're a FrankPal (willingly... if I just snap your picture because you're so darn cute, you get nothing.) Curious about what the souvenir is, aren't you?

So, pick a the first letter of the name of the FrankPal you'd like to see:


FrankPal Whose Name Starts with the letter A                                 
FrankPal Whose Name Starts with the letter B                                 

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