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I liked Seward.  It was quaint.  It had an aquarium.  It also had a hotel (ours) with this funky Ecolab device which I can only presume was a air freshener, but it made a barking sound every 15 minutes, followed by a pumping sound.  Very odd, but it didn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the city.  Heck, I even got tubby out on a walk in this town.

It was an orphan boy from Seward who designed the Alaska state flag.  Good for him. The bay view was quite nice, and the bay is over 900 feet deep -- (great for cruise ships, eh?). We also managed to squeeze in a visit to the Alaska SeaLife Center.  It was quite nice.
Aren't sea lions cute?  (And big, but that goes without saying.) If you elect not to arrive by ship or car, you can even arrive by train - cool, huh? And if none of those options appeal to you, how about arriving by RV?  It's popular.
A third of the waterfront was dedicated to camping and RVs.  They even have nice dumpsters.

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