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San Diego Zoo

Long after I visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park, I finally made my way to the Zoo half of the park system, and the home of a couple of panda bears.

Pictures coming in short order, I assure you...

Alaskan Peninsula Brown Bear at the San Diego Zoo Koalas at the San Diego Zoo Takin at the San Diego Zoo
The Alaskan Peninsula Brown Bear -- I had to wait minutes for him to get out of the pond. A few of the koalas that make up the next generation of those given to the zoo from the Aussies. The Takin are part of the sheep and goat family, or so I learned reading the little sign-thingy.
Just a flat cardboard box Typo on the name card of a stuffed panda Zebras at the San Diego Zoo
I figure the free-range flattened box is an exhibit, given it's behind a fence, though there's no sign. Attention to detail. I think they meant black-and-white, but who am I to point that out to 'em? You should try to arrange your zoo visit alphabetically, which means we're going to end with the zebras.

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