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So, you wanna be a FrankPal? Cool! You can then join a small (but growing) and distinguished group of my pals.

I'm a social sort of duck, and like meeting new people. Heck, to prove it, I'll even have my picture taken with you. Then you could make the picture into a keychain or something to remember our meeting. And of course, you'll get the offiicial FrankPals t-shirt just for taking time out of your day to meet me -- it's a win-win deal, eh?

Important disclaimer: The whole "FrankPals" thing is as time permits, between travel, my drivers having time to drive me around, and what-not. So... it sometimes takes them a while (yes, even months) to get around to working through requests. I'm working on it, promise, but for now... they suck.

This is basically how it works:

  1. You decide you want to be a FrankPal, because you're just a darn good person.
  2. You fill out the form below and tell me about it, and tell me how we can get in touch with you.
  3. We'll chit-chat about coordination if you're anything more than a few hundred miles from me, and work out the details. (But please bear in mind my current budget isn't allowing a lot of travel away from the West Coast presently.)
  4. I'll come and visit you, take a picture we're both happy with, you'll get your FrankPals t-shirt, and we say goodbye. (Unless I'm out of shirts in your size, in which case, we'll make sure we have a mailing address to get it to you when more are available.)
  5. We'll post your picture. Tell all your friends, and they can see you on the internet with the most well-traveled duck on the web.
* Your Name:
* Where are you from: (Like a City & State)
* Contact e-mail address:
* Requested shirt size: Remember - the shirt is yours, free!
Are you 18 or older? Yes   No        (Why do you ask?)
Special requests, details, or other stuff:
* Required fields.   

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