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What am I all about... and by extension, the site. Simply put, it's all about me. I won't bore you with a long story, because long stories without pictures on the web is death, and someday I may write a book or a colorful pamphlet on the subject, and don't want to deprive the good people at Amazon from having a Frank story to sell.

I was born in 1987, and didn't accomplish much for years and years. But just turning 12 years old in February of 1999, what you could you reasonably expect me to have accomplished by then?

In 2000, I took a fancy to learning more about computers and writing web pages. I found it to be quite entertaining, and broke up the monotony of watching re-runs of Green Acres on cable. I also managed to steal the use of Tubby's digital camera when we were returning from our trip to Lubbock, Texas. I took my first series of pictures in October.

By 2001, my web page work found a home on a public web server, versus the old Compaq Deskpro I had running a web site at the nest. was born in April, and I began taking trips. I discovered without a human, I got stepped on a lot. It hurt. A lot.

The need for a passport presented itself in 2002 as the opportunities to travel to the Philippines and Australia. I stowed away on both trips, and enjoyed them immensely. I also began my U.S. Tour, managing to visit the South, Midwest, Northwest, and Alaska.

2003 was a leaner year for longer travel, what with the economic slowdown and all. (Until I figure a better way to make a living, I'm at the mercy of Tubby, and fat boy's travel budget was cut into, causing my New England states and Hawaii trip to be postponed.)

In 2004, I officially opened my first regional nest in Tripp, South Dakota, which serves as an extension of my main nest in California. I finished the continental United States tour (leaving only Hawaii now) and half of Canada, travel-wise. I'm still single.

February 28, 2005 marked my induction into adulthood, in human terms. (In duck terms, we're legal at two, but that just seems weird to those of you who walk upright.) I'm tinkering with my book, an idea for a movie, and trying to get Tubby into trying to date so he'll not be at the nest every bloody day.

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