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The Green Spam Can was built by Ford in November 1991.  The Explorer, still a relatively new product from Ford (first model year was 1991), was their answer to the phased out Bronco.

Texas snow (can you believe it?)

We acquired the Green Spam Can as a previously owned (used) car on 11-4-93 from a salesman named Jack.  The mileage on that chilly afternoon was 34,808, but that would soon change.

And change it did.  2002 marked a record year, due to my U.S. Tour 2002 trips.

The Green Spam Can has survived two run-ins with other objects quite well.  No one has been injured (or even present) in any of those rare mishaps, and at no time has it had to be towed as a result. It's a trooper.

  200,000 Miles - June 9, 2001

Miles Driven Breakdown

1993      4,350 Miles
1994    25,200 Miles
1995    18,550 Miles
1996    14,040 Miles
1997    25,025 Miles
1998    19,237 Miles
1999    15,849 Miles
2000    25,848 Miles
2001    41,749 Miles
2002    57,167 Miles
2003      3,521 Miles

The Green Spam Can was retired (285,371 miles) on 01-Mar-2003, and donated to TJ Ministries to serve a new master and in a new capacity...

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