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Ford introduced the Expedition in 1997, and has remained reasonably unchanged since then (sure, some new safety features, but nothing fabulous).

Yes, this is a filler image until the tubby twit gets around to taking a real one. Lazy turd.

We acquired the Unnamed Expedition as a lease return vehicle on 1 February 2003 from a salesman named Ron (short for Ronnell).  The mileage on that chilly morning was 42,882, but that began growing, fast.

The official transportation of All Things Frank, I've requested and am waiting for my official seat in the Unnamed Expedition. Sitting on leather seats and flopping around like a small... never mind... just ain't cool.

» 100,000 Miles (25-Feb-04)
» 200,000 Miles (30-Apr-06)

Miles Driven Breakdown

2003: 46,783 miles (89,665)
2004: 51,486 miles (141,151)
2005: 43,165 miles (186,316)
2006: 0 miles (0,0)
2007: 0 miles (0,0)
2008: 0 miles (0,0)
2009 to date: 0 miles (0,0)

Obviously, the fuel price spike in 2008 prompted a general malaise of travel, but the cost of gasoline and driving a 16 miles per gallon SUV isn't helping, either...

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