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Just 300 people and change, but was a boomin' berg at the turn of the 1900s with the arrival of the iron horse (y'know, railroad) and revitalized by Route 66... until said Route bypassed town in the early 1980s with Intersate 40 maybe 1/4 mile north of the downtown. But, a cute town all the same.

San Jon, NM San Jon, NM San Jon, NM
Yup, a post office. Didn't find a sign, but they were open and quite pleasant (needed stamps, eh). Disneyland's Cars Land can't build 'em like this -- an authentic, old service station. And a restaurant; judging from the cigarette price sign, they've been closed for ages ($1.99 a pack).
San Jon, NM San Jon, NM San Jon, NM
When everything's flat, the water tower is both a town sign *and* pressurizes the water system. Not sure what the shop is/was, but I was drawn to the mural on the wall. And just north of town (right along the Interstate now), is where folks end up, along Cemetery Road...

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