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I regret I didn't have a ton of time to fully explore Paducah, but flip side of that coin -- I spent more time here than some other places I've chronicled over my years of meandering. The airport (how I'd arrived) was quaint yet efficient -- including a goodie bag for arriving passengers (!) -- with some of the trappings of a community greater than the 25,000-ish people calling it home today.

Oh, it's also home of the National Quilt Museum, though regrettably that didn't hit the itinerary (found about it *after* we arrived and plans were set in stone).

Arriving by air, you bet, it's the airport. But a sign is a sign is a sign. The airport offers all the comforts of a big terminal -- including an electronics' charging station. Police car #17? Call me a skeptic, but I have a strong feel that they only have one airport police car.
Paducah Paducah  
The arrival on the tarmac means the plane is greeted with a classy airport ramp. Personally, love it! Ah, we're in Hardee's country, though out west, you'd think it were a Carl's Jr. restaurant.  

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