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San Francisco Cable Car Museum

Cable cars replaced horse-and-buggy transportation, but trolleys (powered deals) replaced cable cars in many places. Today, San Francisco is the only city still running cable cars. The Cable Car museum has been around since 1974 or so to pay tribute to this little guys with the bells on top.

San Francisco Cable Car Museum entrance Cable car wheel chassis Older style cable car
The entrance is at the corner of Mason and Washington Streets in San Francisco. Each car has two sets of wheels, including two wooden brakes (yes, wood, even today). From the 1870s, No. 54 is from the Sutter Street Railway line (one of eight running back then)
Engines to power the movement of cables Uphill turns on the street Cable car crossing sign
There are four powerful engines that move the cables at a constant 9.55 miles per hour. When moving uphill, the cars are tugged along the cable line; going downhill, they sort of free-glide. This is one of those signs you won't find anywhere else in the world.

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