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With $12.40 on my bill and a bag lunch, I hopped on one of those ferries (a boat, silly) in San Francisco and headed over to Sausalito for a wander. A cute little town, very touristy in parts, charming throughout.

Sausalito homes in the hills Sausalito sign Sausalito park
As we arrived into town, I could see the hills that peppered the hillside. Bet those are pricey... Since I didn't drive into town (came by ferry), I settled for the sign at the harbor. Not bad, eh? Walking along Bridgeway toward the north, we passed a lovely park with an equally lovely fountain.
Post no bills? Sausalito harbor Sausalito Fire Department
Post no bills? Is that an anti-duck thing? Bird animosity? Are they hatin' on seagulls? I don't get it. I think this is the Sausalito Marine Harbor, but there's like four harbors here in town. Nice... The fire house is on the map from the Visitor kiosk, so I thought it would be worth a gander. Hmmph.

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